Meal Plan Subscription

$9.99 / month

Are you looking for meal plans specific to your custom macros? Let us take the guess work out of hitting your macros.


This meal plan is not meant for individuals following a keto diet. This is a non-refundable digital product.


meal plans meal plannermeal planner

Why you’ll love this meal planner!

  • Take the Tetris out of tracking macros and let the meal planner do the work for you.
  • Run the meal planner as many times as needed!
  • Don’t like what it ran for you? No worries, run it again or swap out a meal. 
  • Add some of your your favorite Oh Snap Macros recipes to your meal plan. 
  • Exclusive recipes from some of your favorite Instagram accounts! 

Are you looking for meal plans specific to your custom macros? Look not further than this monthly meal plan subscription. Simply log in, enter your macros, pick up to 3 recipes (or let the generator pick for you) and let the meal planner play macro Tetris for you whenever you need. Each meal plan includes a customized breakdown with 7 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 snacks and a fully detailed grocery list. The only thing the meal planner doesn’t do for you is cook!

This meal plan is NOT for someone doing a high fat, low carb “keto” diet. 

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You can cancel your subscription at any time and it will go into “pending cancellation” until the end of your billing period.