Ricotta Protein Pancakes

When it comes to breakfast, the quicker the better in my house. Everyone wakes up hungry and ready to eat so I try to always have something meal prepped and on hand to grab and go. However, on weekends I like to slow it down and enjoy the morning at a slow easy pace. These Ricotta Protein Pancakes slow it down but only by a SMIDGE because let’s face it … I still need quick and easy with 2 kids running and crawling around.

These pancakes are fluffy and delicious with only 3 ingredients thanks to Kodiak!

Thanks to Kodiak and their perfectly created pancake mix, I can pretty much create any flavor pancake I want now with the assistance of ricotta to fluff them up to another level! This recipe has 3 very basic ingredients and make the fluffiest and tastiest pancakes ever. 

My house is full of pancake lovers and Saturday mornings have become one of our favorite traditions of breakfast with a cartoon in bed. We watch very little television which started in December 2020 because we decided to do a science experiment and see if limiting (pretty much removing) screen time in all forms would help with the toddler tantrums. It was a night and day difference after 24 hours. Removing the screen almost eliminated tantrums overall. Almost .. she’s still a three year old but wow what a difference it made. If you’re in that phase of life, I would highly recommend doing the same experiment to see if it helps. So now, we allow one show on Saturday mornings. 

Saturday morning pancakes in bed quickly became our favorite tradition.

While I was pregnant with my second daughter we started the tradition of Saturday morning cartoons and breakfast in bed. My husband would make breakfast and my daughter and I got to snuggle and watch cartoons. In reality it was an excuse for me to get that extra hour or so in bed before literally rolling myself out. Here we are 1 year later and now the three of us girls have breakfast in bed on Saturdays and my husband still cooks it for us .. he’s a keeper! It is almost a guarantee that we’re having pancakes or waffles with fruit, maple syrup and a glass of milk with a side of Dino Ranch on Disney. Some traditions are hard to break and I hope the girls want to have breakfast in bed with me until they move out. Slim chance but I can dream! 

Batter Flavor Additions

Topping Ideas


8 Pancakes (1/4 cup each)

Nutrition Facts for 1 Pancake


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Adjust Servings
1 cup (145g) Kodiak Buttermilk Pancake Mix
1/2 cup (140g) low skim ricotta
1 cup water
BASE INGREDIENTS: See details for flavor adds and toppings

Nutritional Information

82 Calories
2 Fat (g)
11 Carbs (g)
6 Protein (g)



See notes in post for flavor adds. Details for recipe base.
Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Heat pan over medium and spray with cooking / non stick spray.
Mark as complete

Using a 1/4 cup spoon 1/4 cup of pancake mix onto the hot pan and cook until it begins to bubble and easily flips on the pan. Cook each side for approximately 3-5 minutes until done. Repeat the process for all 8 pancakes.
Mark as complete

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  • Janie

    I found some ricotta cheese in the back of my frig and so off to search for a recipe before it went bad. I have been searching your recipes first and of course found this one. I made waffles instead of pancakes and they turned out awesome!!! These will be great to add to my list of prepared breakfast foods this week along with your Cinnamon Roll French Toast!!!!

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