Sesame Ginger Chicken Pita

This Sesame Ginger Chicken Pita is ready
in under 10 minutes using Joseph's Bakery Flax, Oat, Bran & Whole Wheat Pitas.

This Sesame Ginger Chicken Pita recipe is packed with veggies, flavor and protein. They’re easy to prep for a busy week and extremely cost effective. Using pre grilled chicken, veggies and a delicious Sesame Ginger Dressing you will have a flavor packed meal in under 10 minutes. 

Ingredients and Substitutes:

We batch BBQ chicken and steak on weekends to keep us on track during the week. Using pre-cooked sliced chicken breast you’re able to make these pitas in under 10 minutes. 

Joseph’s Bakery Flax, Oat, Bran & Whole Wheat Pitas are one of our favorite pantry staples. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks we’re always grabbing for a pita. 

A perfect combination of sliced cabbage, shaved carrots, red bell pepper, sugar snap peas and green onions all topped with chopped cashews and a delicious Sesame Ginger Dressing. If you have a nut allergy just simply leave off the cashews. 

You can swap coconut aminos with soy sauce. 

You are going to love how quick and easy this recipe is. Easily turn this into a salad by adding more cabbage and some greens. 

sesame ginger chicken pita


Prep veggies, chicken and dressing. 

Lay out your pita and top with veggies, chicken and dressing. 

Fold in half and enjoy! You can also place all ingredients inside the center of the open pita and roll like a burrito. 

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5 servings 

85 grams salad, 3 oz. cooked chicken and 1 pita


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Adjust Servings
5 Joseph's Bakery Flax, Oat, Bran & Whole Wheat Pitas
1 cup (100g) shredded cabbage
1 medium carrot peeled (80g) into thin slices
½ medium red bell pepper (60g) thinly sliced
2 green onions, chopped
Handful of sugar snap peas (60g)
¼ cup (30g) unsalted cashews, broken into pieces
1 lbs. of pre-cooked or grilled chicken breast
Sesame Ginger Dressing:
⅓ cup (100g) Coconut Aminos
¼ tsp. Ground ginger
1 tsp. Garlic powder
1 tsp. Sesame seeds
3 tsp. Lime juice
1 Tbsp. Sesame Oil

Nutritional Information

309 Calories
11 Fat (g)
21 Carbs (g)
34 Protein (g)



In a mason jar or dressing container mix all the dressing ingredients and mix together well. Let the dressing sit while you make the salad. You can prep the dressing and salad the night before but leave the dressing off until serving.
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Prep your veggies. Note for carrot slices, using a potato peeler, peel the outside layer of the carrot and discard. Continue peeling and save the thinly sliced carrot peels and discard the thin core (do not cut your fingers). Slice sugar snap peas lengthwise and then chop into bite sized pieces.
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Combine cabbage, carrots, bell pepper, green onions, snap peas and cashew pieces in a large bowl. Mix dressing together and pour on top of the salad. Mix together well to evenly coat. You can leave some dressing aside to top your individual pitas later if desired.
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Place one pita on a plate and top with 1 serving of salad and desired serving of grilled chicken breast.
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Top with extra dressing, chopped green onion or sesame seeds.
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