Creamy Chicken Gnocchi Soup (Instant Pot)

Look no further, you're new favorite soup is here! This Instant Pot Chicken Gnocchi Soup has a creamy broth filled with ground chicken, nutritious veggies, and a blend of flavorful seasonings.

What you'll need

Brown the chicken

Set your Instant Pot to the sauté setting. Add the olive oil, once hot, add the ground chicken. Cook until browned, breaking into bite-size pieces. This takes about 5 minutes.

Add seasoning

Add the seasonings to the chicken. Stir to evenly coat. Add the garlic, onions, carrots, and celery. Sauté for about 2 minutes until the vegetables start to soften and the garlic is fragrant.

Add ingredients

Pour in the chicken broth, stirring well to combine and scrape any bits off the bottom of the pot. This will prevent the “burn” warning. Add the gnocchi to the pot. Stir well to combine.

Pressure cook

Put the lid on the Instant Pot, set the valve to the sealing position, and cook on Manual High Pressure for 5 minutes. When the timer beeps, quick release the pressure. Once the pressure is fully released, remove the lid.

Remove the lid

Set the Instant Pot back to the sauté setting. Stir in the spinach, peas and corn. Cook for a few minutes until the spinach has wilted and the peas and corn are warmed through. Add in the fat-free half-and-half, stirring until well combined.


Allow the soup to simmer for a few more minutes until it’s heated through and the peas and corn are warm. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed and serve.


Nothing goes better with this creamy chicken gnocchi soup than a side of crusty bread and a little side green salad. So simple, but so complete.

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