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I am not a registered dietitian or a macro coach. 

I am a wife and mom to two beautiful little girls on a journey to feel my best inside and out! My goal is to bring you recipes to help you do the same! We live in what I believe is one of the most beautiful places in the world, Alaska. Meaning, we do not have stores like Trader Joe’s or Whole foods so I aim to provide recipes using every day easy to find anywhere ingredients. 

We spend our summers fishing and our winters skiing, the outdoors is where we thrive. When inside, I find joy in creating new and exciting recipes with everyday ingredients and passing on these creations to you and my family. If I wouldn’t feed it to my family you can guarantee you won’t get it here.

Working full time while also trying to keep myself and the house fed can seem overwhelming at times.

I’ve found the more I prep and have key / staple items on hand the better I am able to juggle the craziness of the week. Here at ohsnapmacros.com I try to bring you quick and easy meals for this exact reason and meals that can be prepared for one, two or an entire family. Even if you’re not tracking macros these well rounded recipes will fit into your lifestyle and help you navigate meal time with ease. The macros detailed in the nutrition section are just a plus!

Macros, what are they? How did I get here?

I started my macro tracking journey after having my second daughter, I needed a change. I had no idea what to expect with tracking macros nor what I was doing. After one week of tracking I instantly became obsessed .. in a healthy way. The sense of food freedom that came with tracking macros was incredible, I quickly figured out I was able to enjoy foods, meals, social situations and beyond without having to worry about what I was going to eat and how I was going to figure out the low carb, dairy free, etc. alternative. I am able to enjoy every situation knowing that I can stay within my macros.

Macros are your three main macronutrients: carbohydrates, fats, and protein. These three macronutrients make up your calories.

It gave me not only a sense of food freedom but the knowledge I needed for portion sizes. For me this is a sustainable way to keep my goals alive. No more yo-yo dieting, no restrictive dieting, no weight loss shakes, just good, simple and fulfilling meals.

After falling in love with tracking my macros I started lightening up some of my favorites recipes to make them more macro friendly and well rounded. The ultimate test was making them also family friendly and toddler approved. This is how ohsnapmacros.com became what it is today, my creative little corner of the internet. I am beyond thankful you’re here and even more-so shocked that you’re here reading this. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy these recipes just as much as my family and I do every day

How do I know what my macros are?

I had my macros first assigned by a coach in 2021. From there I learned how to set my own via online resources and trial and error. I follow my macros whether it be in a cutting phase, reversing or at maintenance, for my specific goals as well as a strength training, progressive overload focuses, workout program. 

If you’re looking to calculate your own macros, there are some great free calculators online, check out this one. Free macro calculator – TDEE

If you’re looking for a online coach, I recommend a lot of coaches on my Instagram account often who I would trust to set my macros and coach me along the way. A few people I would suggest, Emma from @macroswithem for group coaching and monthly workout memberships or Lexus from @lexushgordan for one on one more in depth coaching. 

Lastly, if you’re having trouble coming up with single serving recipes I would highly suggest checking out my e-book, Macro Friendly Meals, which has over 50 single serve recipe ideas to support you through your journey. On my shop page you can also find Sample Meal Plans by Calorie Range using free recipes from my blog.


My first published cookbook will be coming January 2024 to a store near you!! 


I graduated from California State University, Chico in 2010 with a degree in Interior Design. I worked a full-time Corporate career in upper management and National Sales from 2010 up until 2022 when I left my job to pursue my dreams of Oh Snap Macros. Going full-time was terrifying and exciting all wrapped up into one little box. I am thankful I trusted my gut to take the giant leap and can truly say now that I love what I do every single day. Helping people find delicious home cooked recipes to feed themselves and their families is so rewarding and I love seeing your creations! Tag me on Instagram if you try anything! 


Happy cooking!