Cinnamon Roll French Toast Egg Bake

The Cinnamon Roll French Toast egg bake has become a ohsnapmacros reader favorite! Is it a cinnamon roll, is it french toast or is it a egg bake?? The flavors of all three dishes combined make this a winner for all. Whether it’s a special holiday, brunch with friend or simply meal prep this egg bake has you covered.

Macro friendly recipes
Macro friendly recipes

This Cinnamon Roll French Toast Egg Bake makes the perfect holiday brunch with family and friends.

When you pull it out of the oven and slice into it you’ll see all the beautiful layers and the syrup puddling around the bottom to give the already delicious sweet bread that extra flavor.


My favorite way to serve this is with breakfast sausage of any kind. You could also add cinnamon roll frosting, your favorite french toast toppings like berries, powdered sugar and additional syrup or simply enjoy it as it is.


Perfect for Sunday mornings, holiday mornings, brunch with friends or meal prep. Reheats great and stores in the fridge for 4-5 days.


Bring it up a couple notches by topping it with the icing from these Pumpkin Pie Apple Tarts!!

Macro friendly recipes

Meal prep: this can be cut into servings and stored in the fridge in a air tight container for 5-6 days. I usually make 1 batch and eat throughout the week for breakfast.


Alternate ingredients: swap milk with non-dairy alternative. Blueberries with other fruit. Brown sugar with sugar alternative like swerve according to their measurement comparisons.


Flavor Additions: pumpkin pie spice, egg nog has been used in the Cinnamon Roll French Toast Egg Bake as a milk alternative, coffee creamer would work also.
Note: this recipe will taste like eggs. It is a egg bake.



6 Squares


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Adjust Servings
8 Kings Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 Tbsp. ground cinnamon
32oz. container of egg whites - entire container
3 eggs
1/4 cup whole milk
3 Tbsp. light pancake syrup
pinch of salt
Protein Icing
1/4 cup (40g) powdered sugar
1/2 scoop Gold Standard Whey Vanilla Ice Cream protein powder (15g)
3 tbsp whole milk

Nutritional Information

Total Servings: 6
299 Calories
6 Fat (g)
37 Carbs (g)
24 Protein (g)
338 Calories w/ icing
6 Fat w/ icing
44 Carbs w/ icing
26 Protein w/ icing



Preheat oven to 400. Spray 9x13 baking dish with nonstick spray. Note: if you use a different size pan your baking time will vary.
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Tear Hawaiian rolls into bite sizes pieces and layer the bottom of the pan. Mix sugar and cinnamon in a bowl and spread evenly over the rolls.
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In a separate bowl beat 3 eggs, milk and salt. Add egg whites and mix together. Top rolls with egg mixture.
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Finally, top with syrup and bake for 30 - 45 minutes (times may vary oven to oven - mine is done around 30/35). Once cooked and a toothpick comes out clean, cut into 6 equal squares and enjoy!
At the time of serving you could add your favorite cinnamon roll frosting, french toast toppings, additional syrup, serve with sausage (my favorite way), or simply eat it as it is.
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Mix powdered sugar, protein powder and milk in a bowl. Drizzle over entire bake or save and serve with each square.
You will have ~ 100g of icing / 10 servings. Icing macros: 10g = 23 cals : 1.4 P / 0.2 F / 4.2 C Total icing: 230 cals 14 P / 2 F / 42 C Nutrition facts included for with and without icing.
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  • Sarah Lassen

    Hands down my favorite breakfast to meal prep! Great macros, super simple, and so delicious.

  • Amanda Craig

    Made this for Christmas morning, yummy but healthy! What could be better? Oh and it’s super easy!

  • Erica Koedam

    This is the best breakfast meal prep. The macros are great and it’s so easy to whip together. You really outdid yourself on this one ?

  • Elizabeth

    I have made this EVERY single week since Danielle first released this recipe. We love to change it up. If you are ok with modifying macros a bit they egg nog instead of whole milk and use in the glaze. So delicious. My favorite way is just as written though. Reheats amazingly as well. Such a wonderful recipe. New Christmas tradition and my go to meal for: new mom drop offs, brunch and family breakfasts.

  • Emily Johnson

    Love this recipe! Satisfies my sweet tooth and the need for protein! Love that she makes tracking macros easy!

    • Cammie

      Been on repeat in my house. IMO it tastes even better when it sits in the fridge. Super easy and delicious!

  • Sharmon Savoie

    Can you substitute the rolls for a low cal bread?

  • Jess

    I make this every Sunday to have for the week! This is the best breakfast meal prep I’ve found – so delicious, easy to make, and easy to modify.

  • Ashley G.

    Between this recipe and my protein powder/fancy nut butter oatmeal, I really just want to eat breakfast 3 times a day. ? I’ve shared with all my macro friends!

  • Lesley

    Love, love , love this one. Full taste without the added sugars. Great flavor

  • Ali

    Husband approved too!

  • Iris

    I can literally eat this everyday! So good and so easy to make!

  • Blair Holt

    I mean, delicious. I love how simple the recipe is to make.

  • Chloe

    Can this me made the night before?

    • daniellelima

      Yes! There have been people who have prepped it the night before and said it has turned out great.

  • Rachel

    Any suggestions on a gluten free bread to use in place of the rolls? I love this recipe but slowly trying to be more intentional about eliminating gluten due to inflammation concerns.

    • daniellelima

      Canyon Bakehouse has a bunch of great GF options. Use something sweet like their Hawaiian sliced bread.

    • Allison

      Canyon Bakehouse just came out with brioche buns, so I’m going to try those as they smell sweet like the Hawaiian Rolls 🙃

  • Victoria

    Just baked this for the first time and it smells amazing! Breakfast ready for the week!

  • Lauren

    Does the nutritional info you posted include the frosting or no?

    • Jen

      I’m wondering the same thing. I see the macros for the frosting but am not sure if it’s included in the original macro count?

  • Elise Grein

    I love this recipe and make it for my kids all the time. I’m trying to cut out dairy. Can I make this with almond milk? Would it set up the same?

  • Lauren

    Sooo yummy and great macros! I make without the frosting and still tastes great and is high protein. I also accidentally left out the syrup once and it was still delicious.

  • Alex

    We have made this recipe weekly for the past two months and don’t anticipate us stopping anytime soon! The most delicious, protein packed, breakfast! Reheats perfectly in the microwave (1 min), air fryer (3 min) or oven, every time!

  • Kelly

    I made this yesterday for breakfast! We loved it!! My husband, who doesn’t like the taste of protein powder, even loved the icing! I didn’t tell him it had protein powder. 😉
    Will def be a regular weekend breakfast for us!

  • Rachel

    What are Hawaiian sweet rolls or what could I use instead?

    • daniellelima

      Kings Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. You can sub with any sweet roll or brioche. Macros with change. Raisin bread is a good swap with similar macros.

  • Jessica Cabell

    How many grams per square?

    • daniellelima

      6 equal squares. Alternatively weigh your final and divide by 6.

  • Janie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe!!! It is great for meal prep and I look forward to having it every morning. I think it is sweet enough without the frosting. I will top mine sometimes with a bit of greek yogurt.! YUMMY it’s a keeper!!

  • Shannon J

    Hi. What is a serving size for the macros listed. This looks great!!

    • daniellelima

      6 equally cut squares. Or you can weigh your final and divide by 6.

  • Therese

    One of my favorite breakfast meals! Sometimes I have to bake it 10 mi it’s longer so the middle sets but maybe that’s due to which pan I’m using.

  • Renee

    I made this and swapped the brown sugar for Splenda and used unsweetened almond milk instead of whole milk. Is there any way for me to alter your recipe in the MyFitnessPal to use these ingredients?

    • daniellelima

      If you swap ingredients you need to create the recipe yourself in MFP.

  • Renee

    I’ve made this recipe every week now since I found it. I eat it as any meal of the day and I always eat it cold. Personally I like to mix the brown sugar and cinnamon with the egg mixture, for me it takes less eggy.

  • Stephanie

    Seriously one of the best breakfast recipes ever. You’d never know you’re eating so much protein! Perfectly sweet and yummy! Love eating this with a few chicken apple and maple sausage links!

  • Morgan

    I’ve made this recipe multiple times! It is sooo good! I love being able to eat something that tastes like dessert for breakfast. So easy and love that it’s macro friendly. 10/10 !!

  • Allison

    Made this with ripple milk, 4 brioche canyon bakehouse rolls, and lakanto keto syrup and it was perfection! Will be trying some pumpkin pie spice and pumpkin purée to “fall it up” 😉

  • Emmy

    Is it super eggy or more bread-like? Excited to try this one but afraid my kids won’t eat it if the eggs are overpowering.

  • Nikki

    Delicious and super easy to make

  • Stacey

    Love love love this recipe! We make it every other week for a fast, high protein breakfast.

  • Michelle

    I love this recipe! I add 1 to 2 tbs vanilla extract to up the richness. This gets rid of the “egg” flavor and keeps it true to French toast.

  • Laura Sasser-Cuff

    I’ve made his twice and it’s amazing! Super easy and warms up beautifully for meal prepping breakfast. Can’t recommend enough.

  • Carleigh

    Huge hit in my house! We usually do breakfast for dinner one night a week and we’re getting bored. Tried this and (7), (3) and (1) year old loved it (us parents too 😆). I did add two extra Hawaiian rolls and use agave. Just a few tweaks that change the macros a little but make it taste a little less egg white-y which my kids weren’t loving.
    Long story short-love this recipe and love how easy it was to make small changes that worked for our family! Thank you

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